Unpredictability is the essence of sport. It’s an infinite source of excitement, drama, and marvel. Nothing else can create so many unforgettable memories.


At VIP Sportstravel, we do everything to make those experiences as inspiring and magical as possible. We bring you close to the action – and seamlessly connect your brand with the event.


We understand the need to deliver on time, on budget, and with the right results. We go the extra mile, and we strive to set a personal best with every project.


No matter how, when, and where, we make sure that, at that magical moment, you and your guests have your hands free to celebrate.

Our essence

It´s been a long journey.

All the preparations have been made. 

You could cut the tension with a knife.


And then, suddenly, it happens.

An outburst of joy.

A rush of energy.


You turn around.

You grab the person next to you.

You embrace them.


At this precise moment, we are all the same.

That´s the power of sport.

Our personality

The world´s largest sporting events - such as the FIFA World CupTM and Olympic Games - are packed with emotional moments for sportspeople and fans alike. In victory and in defeat, we all experience moments that take our breath away. Moments we never forget.

At VIP Sportstravel, we are driven by the desire to ensure that, at that magical moment, you and your guests have your hands free to celebrate.

That´s High-Five Hospitality.

Our mission

In professional sport, you cannot afford to remain in your comfort zone - and it´s the same at VIP Sportstravel. We prepare for months, if not years, in advance to ensure everything is perfect and on point. 

We don´t just manage projects. We drive them forward. We go the extra mile for our clients and we strive to set a personal best with every project.

Sporting events only happen once - so meticulous planning and flawless execution are essential. We deliver on time, on budget and to a consistently high standard.

We are a global 360° hospitality agency
specialising in tailor-made, brand-driven services.
We make major sporting events unforgettable -
for guests of sponsors, corporates and sports organisations.

Key Facts

  1. VIP Sportstravel is a company of Lagardère Sports and Entertainment
  2. One of the world´s leading hospitality agencies
  3. Offices in Berlin and Hamburg
  4. A core team of 20 full-time experts in strategy, travel, events, hospitality and marketing
  5. Focus on FIFA World Cups, UEFA EUROs and Olympic Games
  6. Cooperation with official right holders only

As a company of Lagardère Sports & Entertainment, VIP Sportstravel is a member of the world’s largest sports marketing network: 1.400+ people in 30+ offices on six continents provide clients with global reach and influence while leveraging local expertise.