2020 Summer Games

Breathtaking spectacle, fascinating light shows, unique fireworks and billions of enthusiastic spectators both in the stadia and in front of the TV screens: The 2020 Summer Games bring together the very best athletes and teams from around the globe in the Japanese super-metropolis of Tokyo competing at the very peak of their abilities in a wide range of sports for a festival of sport.
Oftentimes these competitions culminate in new, fabulous world records: Usain Bolt, Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Michael Phelps and Carolina Kluft have lit up the competition with their performance and have been part of some of the most glorious sporting moments in history.
For the second time after 1964, the Japanese capital will host the Summer Games. Tokyo is diverse, with an exotic balance between tradition and modernity and will welcome the world with unmatched kindness.

Travel to the world’s biggest sporting event with VIP Sportstravel. From our own experience with over 2,500 enthusiastic guests at the competition in London 2012 and in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, we reinforce the idea that the variety of sports that are represented make the heart of every sport sportsman beat faster: from athletics to swimming, cycling and ball and team sports – there is really something for everyone! In 2020, with amongst 5 new sports, climbing, skateboarding and surfing will bring even more fun to the schedule. Aside from the sports, Tokyo will provide a memorable destination to enjoy the Games at. Spectacular competition sites, exciting sightseeing programmes and lots of culture, history and architecture will make your trip with VIP Sportstravel to the 2020 Summer Games a truly unique experience!


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Key Facts

Upcoming Summer Games 2020 Tokyo
Upcoming Winter Games 2022 Beijing
Play mode individual sports competitions
1st place on medal count USA (2.803 medals)