German Bundesliga

Widely considered as one of the best leagues in world football, the Bundesliga boasts not only some of the most entertaining football on show, but also the highest scoring games and the best stadium atmospheres around the country.
Historically the Bundesliga has always been one of the stand bearers in dictating how football should be played with the most skillful and tactically astute players from all corners of the globe testing themselves in this unforgiving league. With one of the most highly regarded youth development programmes, high tech stadia, and its European pedigree, the very best stars of the world game have and continue to grace this unique competition.

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  • The exact scheduling of the individual Bundesliga matches will be made short notice by the German Football League (DFL). As a rule, the exact day and the kick-off time are published not earlier than four weeks prior to the relevant Bundesliga match-day.
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Key Facts

Official event title Fußball-Bundesliga
Host DFL
First edition 1963
Teams 18
Play mode double round-robin system
Record player Karl-Heinz Körbel (602 appearances)
Top goalscorer Gerd Müller (365 goals)
Current top scorer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, 31 goals
Record champion FC Bayern München (26 Titel)
Current champion FC Bayern München (2016/17)
Qualifier for UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League