FIA Formula 1

F1™ is the pinnacle of automotive racing where the planet’s finest drivers battle it out for supremacy around the world’s fastest circuits.
Formula 1 (also abbreviated as F1) is a summary of the rules, guidelines and conditions under which the Formula 1 World Championship (officially FIA Formula One World championship), a formula series organised by the Automotive Federation Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), is held. The Formula 1 World Championship is the top ranking FIA-sponsored formula racing series. It is referred to as the premier class of automotive sport, as it claims to provide the highest technical, driving and financial demands on drivers and designers of all racing series.

The lights turn green, engines roar, it begins. The supreme discipline of motor racing: Formula 1. Spectacular overtaking manoeuvres and incredible speeds leave spectators with adrenaline pumping through their entire body. With VIP Sportstravel you will be there live when the best racers in the world chase legendary routes!
Whether under the bright blue sky of Melbourne, on the heat-shimmering asphalt of Abu Dhabi or in exotic Mexico, whether exciting rain races in Spa or drama at the night race in Singapore: Formula 1 delights its fans worldwide and guarantees everywhere a special kind of sporting experience.

Follow the spectacular fights for poles, positions and World Championship points directly on site. VIP Sportstravel brings you directly to the track so you can experience the Formula 1 circus first hand! We will put together your very own tailor-made travel package that will make your trip to Formula 1 as comfortable, eventful and memorable as possible. We are behind the scenes so you can be right on the track! Fasten your seatbelt for this breath-taking show of speed and skill in the most technologically advanced vehicles you’ll ever get to see.

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Key Facts

Official event title FIA Formula One World Championship
Host FIA
First edition 1950
Drivers 20 (2018)
Competition mode 21 races – start to finish
Most races Rubens Barrichello (323 races)
Most races won Michael Schumacher (91 wins)
Record champion Michael Schumacher (7 titles)
Current champion Lewis Hamilton (2017)