The World Games 2021™

The World Games™ are an international competition in sports that do not belong to the competition programme of the Olympic Games, but still have a high worldwide interest. They are held every four years in alternating locations, each year after the Summer Olympics. The host is the International World Games Association (IWGA) under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee. Already existing facilities are used as venues for the competitions. Although The World Games™, like the Olympic Games, are an international sporting event and competitions are held between the world’s top athletes, it is characterised by two special features:
Participating athletes are representatives of their sport and are selected by the competent international sports association and not by umbrella organisations in their home countries.

VIP Sportstravel and The World Games™ – a very special and successful relationship! For both The World Games 2013™ and 2017, VIP Sportstravel was the official and exclusive travel partner of the International World Games Association. In 2013 we supplied over 500 athletes, sponsors and guests, including delegates and honorary guests of the IWGA, with travel packages (flights, accommodation, transfers, activities on site) and brought them to Cali (Colombia). VIP Sportstravel was also commissioned as an exclusive travel partner for The World Games 2017™ in Wroclaw (Poland) and covered the organisation and realisation of all travel requirements for approximately 300 guests (including athletes, international associations, the National Olympic Committee and media representatives).

Take advantage of our close cooperation with the IWGA and travel with VIP Sportstravel to The World Games 2021™ to Birmingham, Alabama to experience this truly unique event!

Key Facts

Official event titleThe World Games™
HostInternational World
Games Association (IWGA)
First edition1981 Santa Clara (USA)
Upcoming edition2021 Birmingham (USA)
Play mode27 sports (2017)
1st place on medal countItaly (436 medals)
Athlete of the year 2017Reza Alipourzenashandifar
(sport climbing)